Think Clean.


Is your body your temple? Do you treat it as such? Wear your beauty confidently by eating clean.

Our bodies reflect our lives. Through detoxing and eliminating foods that tax our bodies, our organs are able to mend and repair themselves allowing us to increase our vitality and strength.

Consider a month long detox, or simply cutting out some foods that make you feel uncomfortable after consumption. We often gorge ourselves with sweet treats and fried goodies, knowing that the elastic in your pants have a few more inches to give or that tomorrow will be a healthier day. Our minds pay the price of guilt and self-loathing for the gluttonous feast. The body further retaliates with gas, bloating, sweats, diarrhea, cramping… the list goes on.

Stop that cycle!

By eating foods that fuel your body, you will be healing your physical self and in turn loving yourself.

Getting started: Clean out your cupboards and toss out anything processed, foods with added sugars, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and coffee. These liver plaguing foods can supress your immune system, cause brain fog and digestive upset.

Action plan for Success:

1. Devise a Strategy – organize yourself, your family and your week. Plan your shopping and food preparation so that you are not left hungry and tempted to run to the building with the golden arches.

2. The “Right” Stuff – Fill your home and fridge with healthy choices so that eating well is not just a choice but a set of habits. Toss out the powdered donuts and bring in the collard greens.

3. Get support – invite your friends and family to join you. Having others participate in and understand your healthy eating plan will motivate you to stay on track.

Surrender: My New Years Intention


New years resolution:

Mine is allowing myself permission. For what you are wondering? Naps, exercise, bathing, meditation, yoga, anger, pedicures. AND surrendering/accepting the present (motherhood, sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, body-in-progress, aging … oh right, and bliss). 2013 is a year of action!

What is your new years intention?

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