What to Expect

Getting Started:

Before your first visit, please complete a new patient package and bring all forms with you to your first appointment. Please complete the package as thoroughly as possible. If you have any questions regarding the form, leave the section blank and we will go over it at your appointment.

First Visit: 60 to 90 minutes

The first visit includes an in-depth naturopathic assessment of your health concerns, medical history, and health goals. Mary will review your completed health questionnaire with you, ask detailed questions relevant to your health concerns, run a screening urine test and perform a physical exam.

What to bring with you:

  • New patient package
  • List of supplements and medications (including brands and dose)
  • Copy of your most recent blood work (if possible)

Second Visit: 30 or 60 minutes

During your second visit, Mary will review your concerns and discuss with you Naturopathic treatment options that are specific to your lifestyle and health needs. Together, you and Mary will determine the best way to approach your health concerns, making your treatment plan individualised to you.

Follow-Up Visits: 30 to 60 minutes

Follow up appointments are essential to monitor progress, to refine and adjust treatment care to continue health progression. The number and frequency of follow up visits is case dependent.

Payment & Re-Imbursement

Each patient is responsible for payment of naturopathic services at the end of each appointment. Mary will provide you with a receipt that contains all the necessary information for your health insurance company. For re-imbursement, you then submit the provided receipt to your health insurance company.

Health Coverage

Many extended health plans cover Naturopathic Medicine. Check you benefits package or contact your health insurer for further details.

**Download New Patient Package Forms Here:

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